Minnesota Council 
for the Social Studies

Social Studies Standards

This page is intended to be a resource for Minnesota teachers regarding the social studies standards, both local and national.

State Standards

In Minnesota, social studies teachers are required to implement two sets of standards:

The Social Studies standards, revised in 2011, contain grade-specific standards for each of the four main disciplines (civics, economics, geography, history) in grades K-8. From grades 4-8, there is one lead discipline for each grade level. The high school social studies standards are banded and must be taught within the grade span of 9-12. For more information about the standards, visit the Center for Social Studies Education website.

The ELA standards include a section called "Literacy in History/Social Studies" (page 80 of the ELA document). Social studies teachers must include these reading and writing skills within their classrooms in grades 6-12. Minnesota adopted these ELA standards in 2010, and was allowed to add up to 15% to the document. Minnesota's additions are in bold font.

National Standards

As of 2015, there are no stand-alone Common Core standards for Social Studies. To help states strengthen their social studies programs, the National Council for the Social Studies developed a social studies framework after a three-year, state-led collaborative process. The framework, released in 2013, is called C3: College, Career and Civic Life Framework for Social Studies State Standards. The purpose of this framework is to offer guidance for state social studies standards, not to outline specific content to be delivered. 

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